Diverter Chute

Key Features

  • The valves are constructed from mild steel plate and sections as standard
  • The flap is sealed against the casing by replaceable rubber strips
  • The shaft is located by self-aligning, sealed ball bearings
  • The valves can be equipped for the following operations; manual, via a double hand lever; manual, via a double lever and hand chain; pneumatic, from a double acting air cylinder


  • Care should be taken to install the valves in a manner, which prevents undue stress or distortion to the flanges.


  • Replace rubber strips, when leakage becomes unacceptable.  The bearings are factory packed with grease and should not need further greasing.  Over-greasing will damage the bearing seals.
  • Periodically check filter and lubricator on air-operated valves.
  • Check correct functioning of limit switches periodically.


  • Limit switches fitted for both end positions.
  • Solenoid valve for air operation fitted and connected to the pneumatic cylinder.
  • Compressed air filter, regulator and lubricator assembly fitted and connected to the solenoid valve.